Wednesday, March 20, 2013

(Zucchini) Brownies

Meet my newest lightened-up dessert creation: an intensely chocolate brownie, featuring some hidden healthy stuff, the (Zucchini) Brownie! I say (zucchini) because, honestly, no one would ever guess that this brownie has zucchini in the mix -- you can't detect any vegetable flavor whatsoever -- it just makes the brownies super dense and moist. They are almost a cross between zucchini bread and brownies, but the brownie ends up being more fudge-y than bread-y (the BEST kind!). They are also lighter than your average brownie, because they contain no oil or butter, whole wheat (instead of white) flour, and you also get a serving of veg in every piece! Not to mention, they are insanely rich; a perfect treat for the chocolate lover looking for a fix (aka: ME. And everyone? I don't understand people who don't live for chocolate.).

Now what about this doesn't sound good? Let's get to baking!