Monday, November 26, 2012

Guest Post?

Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving!!! Between Friendsgiving and 2 other Thanksgiving meals, I still feel like I'm in a Turkey coma, haha.

I had a lot of fun relaxing over the last few days, but unfortunately, now it's back to reality. I will be spending most of my time in the library preparing for finals, taking finals, doing presentations, and writing a paper, until December 14th. BIG sad face. I will probably only be able to do one or two posts in the meantime, and then BIG happy face, I will have A MONTH of free time to blog!!

So, I was wondering if anyone, with or without a blog, would be interested in doing a guest post from now until mid-December? Any late fall or holiday recipes would be fantastic! Just looking for a recipe, a picture of the finished product, and preferably a few in between pics and a story about the dish. And of course, fresh is a must! :)

If you are interested, comment on this post or send a message to my facebook page. I can get you my contact info from there!


  1. I'll do a guest post if you'd like! :-)


    1. Yay! Email me with details about what you're thinking!