Saturday, June 16, 2012

Avocado Especial

No school. No studying. Working, and doing what I love. Weekends off. Playing in the sun. Those are a few things that I love about summer, but what I REALLY look forward to is that all of my favorite foods are in season, including one of my very favorite foods of all time. That's right... the AVOCADO!!! Get ready to revel in all it's creamy glory, at it's very best, AND at it's least expensive. I urge you to take advantage of these blistering hot months, stock up on avocados weekly, and eat them up everyday!

Avocados are insanely delicious, and extremely good for you! I know a lot of people don't understand the good fat v. bad fat dilemma (I can't say I totally understand), but trust me, while avocado IS full of fat -- it is monounsaturated fat -- a fat that reduces bad cholesterol, and your body just loves (not to mention, it is rich in fiber and B vitamins). It is also SO easy to incorporate into your daily meals -- spread it on some toast, eat it with your eggs, put it on a sandwich or burger, try it in a variety of salsas and salads -- the possibilities are endless...

What I will be helping with, is providing some really fun, easy, and creative dishes that feature avocado. Over the next few weeks, check in for some avocado pasta, avocado hummus, avocado egg salad, avocado & chocolate pudding (yup!), avocado salsas, and so much more...

My only question is, what kind of avocado recipes would you like to see???

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