Friday, June 15, 2012

*Summer Giveaway* JUNE 24!! -- DATE CHANGE

How It Works
I'll enter all the eligible names into a drawing, and then randomly select a winner! Drawing date will be Friday, June 24! (4 days after the first official day of summer.) I will deliver or ship the goods to the winner.

** I changed the date because I got a little behind on my postings, and wanted to give people more time to comment -- it will definitely be on Sunday! ** 

How to Enter  
Simply comment on any of my posts (scroll to bottom of the post to comment). I love to get comments, and answer any questions -- so let me know what you're thinking!! Number of comments = number of times your name is entered (up to five).

Become an official "follower" by clicking on "join this site" and entering your info - you should then show up as a member.

You can also "subscribe" via email, although I don't have access to who does this, so please become a member as well, so I can enter you into the Giveaway. If you do this, you will get email updates when I post.

The Goods
I was playing in Anthropologie's home goods area, and found this lovely summery stuff that I thought you all would enjoy as well! I fell in love with the Painted Spoon Rest, but thought it might be too pretty for the guys, so I added a second option.

The winner can pick from one of these two options:
Painted Spoon Rest & Striped Dish Towel
Porcelain Produce Basket & Striped Dish Towel

And let the giveaway begin!! Tell your friends!

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  1. Hey there, I just saw your comment on my blog and thought I'd come over to check out yours. Really like title and food you post!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, hope you come back. Now that I'm a follower, I'll be checking back here often. Always great to see other Texan Foodie Blogs!

    Have a great weekend!